You’re Always Communicating

Always Communicating


You’re Always Communicating

Basic to NLP is that you’re always communicating. You may be saying one thing, but your eyes or your posture are saying another. Quiet people are always communicating by not communicating.

Watch their posture, their eyes and their facial muscles.

Also basic to NLP is that all behavior has a positive intention. An example of this is while smokers are usually embarrassed by their ‘bad’ habit, they do it anyway. They have secondary gain involved with this habit…smoking is bad but it makes them feel good. There is a benefit to smoking in their case.

When some people are chronically ill and become better, they have difficulty adjusting. They may secretly wish they hadn’t become better; this is a confusing attitude to hold. Often they long for the familiarity of the old life which allowed them to read all afternoon and once well, to pass the time this way is no longer possible because they’re well enough to be active in the afternoon.

It may have felt more comfortable and loving to be taken care of during their illness and now they’re accepted as well and not needing as much attention.

A new life strategy will help with this situation, but the work must be done.

We’re always communicating. Are you always understood?

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