Your Memories Can Help

Memories Can Help

Your Memories Can Help

When a client wants to make a change or is trying to make a decision to change, I make a few suggestions regarding memories.   Your memories can help

Self-hypnosis is a useful tool to use this process on your own.


  1. Recall doing something very well.
  2. Recall feeling proud of your accomplishment.
  3. Do you remember what you believed about your abilities to achieve this?
  4. Have your beliefs changed any since then? How?
  5. Recall what you said to yourself about the event. Simple and direct is best.
  6. Can you recall the intensity of your energy and drive?

You can practice recalling these intense feelings of energy and focus to use now.

You can train yourself through practice to instantly access these feelings when you want to increase your self confidence and to go beyond your current boundaries.

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