Why Hypnosis is Right for You ( Be able to explain this to your friends)

Each client that comes to my office here in Portland, OR for Hypnotherapy and/or Life coaching, has their own set of limiting beliefs.   By eliminating these beliefs and having them discover their inner resources, they discover why hypnosis is right for them.

Once you experience the shift in awareness resulting from the work you do you can explain to your friends what your issue was and what it feels like to make a shift and eliminate the problem.

For example, you might say:

  • The trance is relaxing and allows you to feel less self-judgment.
  • Learning correct breathing techniques helps you to feel calm and focused.
  • By talking about your issues in the present tense, you feel more clarity, in contrast to the weight of discussing the issues of the past.
  • By being relaxed, focused and able to let yourself go into a trance, you clearly hear the suggestions made by the hypnotherapist.
  • The images you create from the suggestions offered are easier to recall than direct statements would be.
  • You might say that the method is right for you because it works and is fun.

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