What are You Doing with Anxiety and Depression

What are You Doing?

What are You Doing with Anxiety and Depression

When clients come to me to improve how they feel, if they express unhappiness in a general way I ask them what they’re doing with their anxiety and depression.

Soon they’re thinking about this question and coming up with stories that they tell themselves about why they feel anxious or depressed.

Sometimes the stories were created years ago and are leftover bad habits especially when they include self-talk that keeps them stewing overt the same old things.

You will benefit by considering, each time you fell anxiety, that you have to be projecting into the future in order to feel this way. You may be imagining a negative outcome for a future event.

How do you know, absolutely, that the outcome will be negative? You don’t know. Anxiety is not a resourceful frame, but it’s so common for us feel it.

When you realize that when you stop thinking about the future,
just for a moment, the anxiety abates. Try it!

Depression, when you consider it, is often the mind stuck in the past. Re-hashing conversations, conditions and collisions that are in the past.

Bringing yourself back to present time can be very helpful with depression.

Using an approach of mindfulness can help you stay in the present. You’ll notice the details that surround you. When you make a daily practice of mindful meditation, you’ll become very good at staying in the present.

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