Want to Feel Better? Start Laughing

Feel Better

Want to Feel Better? Start Laughing

When people are interested in my work and inquire about how I use hypnosis or NLP, I’ll tell them that they can expect to laugh and to check out my site for a full description.

They may cry, but my sessions include an authentic, upbeat approach that generates laughter for all sorts of reasons. I’ll suggest if they want to feel better, start laughing.

This is not silly laughter. It’s laughter that comes from the belly. Ha, ha, ha…try it…when you feel depressed…start laughing. You’ll be thinking of things from the past anyway as depression almost always involves a hold on the past. You might as well laugh as cry about some of the experiences that have left you feeling depressed.

I don’t suggest you laugh. You will find yourself laughing once you remove the weight of your dark thoughts from your mind.

NLP and mindful meditation are great for this.

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