Visualize Yourself in a Hypnotherapy Session

Here in Portland, OR, my clients come to my office, which is a quiet place overlooking a mature perennial garden.   Entering through the glass doors, an anxious person might begin to relax and benefit from the variety of green as they feel the canopy of several 60 year old Doug fir trees, view the 30 year old  Rhododendron, Sword ferns, Maidenhair ferns and Hydrangea, to name a few.   Once inside,the view is mine as your hypnosis chair backs to this view.

My goal is to make you feel safe and comfortable.   Picture yourself having come in through my glass doors.

I’ll invite you in and I might say:

This is your chair. You’ll be sitting here.

I’ll be sitting across from you, where we can give each other our full attention.

I ask: ‘have you ever experienced hypnosis ?’ (We will have talked about hypnosis on the phone prior to this appointment but I’ll still ask this question)

Next I ask: ‘have you ever driven a car to a destination and wondered how you got there?’ You stopped at the stop signs and red lights, you made the correct turns, so where were you?

The answer is that you were in a trance and this is just like hypnosis.

Now, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the suggestion of relaxation by imagining your body in a progressively relaxed state, from head to toe.

Now that you feel relaxed, you will feel a natural curiosity about the suggestions I’m making ( suggestions that we have previously agreed upon).

You may have a floating sensation, or feel suspended, as your unconscious mind takes in the suggestions. Like many people, you may be forming images. Everyone is unique and enjoys their own representations of the words and suggestions.

Time seems to stand still, but we’re done and to my count of 5 you return to a fully alert, state, feeling refreshed.

You ask: “when can we do this again?”


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