The Trend in Portland, Oregon toward using a Life Coach

Life Coaching began to take hold in the 1990’s and now, some 15 years later, the effectiveness of the profession has been proven.

As a Certified Life Coach, I see clients who need encouragement, support, help with self-improvement and help while making a career or life change.

As a profession, we see more and more people making a choice to use a life coach instead of a psychotherapist because they seek guidance rather than analysis (of course psychotherapy remains an important and essential therapy). We are objective, nonjudgmental professionals who give you encouragement, support, advice and a strategy to achieve whatever you choose.

The trend of people in Portland is stronger than ever toward using a life coach to help with business, weight loss,personal development or for personal life effectiveness. Portlanders accept alternative medicine, including Hypnotherapy as an important resource for their health.

As a life coach, I guide, teach and support you in achieving goals in your life and by helping  you identify what you want to change through the process of self-discovery and the elimination of limiting beliefs. I coach each client to greater success in their career, their relationships, their self image, their mental and emotional health, and, well, life.

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