Teach What You Know

This subject is potentially a can of worms. It assumes you are

willing to commit to the hubris that you actually know something when

all around you your boomer friends are still spouting off

about how the more they know the more they realize how much they

don’t know. False Modesty. I’m at a point where I’m willing to take the

risk (of hubris) and hereby agree to tell whomever will listen that I know

some important things. I have no grandchildren to indulge or

guide through their youth as their buffer from their intense parents.

Okay, I’m supposing this is the way it is. My observation is that

Grammy and Grandpa enter a gentle state of self-hypnosis and when

they’re not listening to The Beatles or the Stones, they heap loving kindness

and indulgence on their grandkids. Eat the candy, play computer games,

stay up late. Play dates. Has that become one word yet? A date to play?  Please.

Invite your friends over any time and enjoy!

Ask Imagine Changes:

Question: So, will you be telling us more about what you know?

Imagine Changes: Maybe

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