Stress Relief

Stress Relief

As part of my personal development coaching sessions, here in Portland, OR, I use HNLP. I enjoy using the techniques of Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology because they can be fun and they can create a shift for the client right away. Many techniques require repetition, like learning to play an instrument. A useful technique to help with stress relief is to take a break from being you.

Try this:

  1. See yourself from a short distance away by imagining that you’re on the balcony in a theater
  2. Look down at yourself sitting in a seat below. Getting a little distance can help you with a new perspective.
  3. Consider what you’re doing to feel stressed.
  4. Looking at yourself in this way can bring just the right amount of relief for you to find a solution to whatever you’re stressing over. Try it!

Ask Imagine Changes:

Question: What am I supposed to notice about myself as I look down?

Imagine Changes: See your posture, your facial expressions. Feel compassion.

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