Stop Looking Backward For Answers

Stop Looking Back

Stop Looking Backward For Answers

Clients make appointments with me hoping to solve a problem. These problems are varied yet almost all clients approach their problems the same way. They’ve been looking backwards.

My job is to help them to stop looking back for answers.


We automatically tend to look backward, to trace our steps when something goes wrong.

Approaching problem solving regarding behavior or relationships in this way doesn’t allow you the freedom to create a new frame for solving things.

Asking ‘why’ will take you back to what’s wrong, the length of time you’ve been in the problem, finding fault with yourself or others and being hard on yourself because you haven’t yet solved the problem.

The best first small step is to identify behavior with which you want to replace the problem. Ask yourself how you would be as a person if you no longer had the problem is helpful.

Being mindful as you consider this is important. Self-hypnosis can be helpful.

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