Self-Talk as Self-Defense

Self-Talk as Self-Defense

Self-Talk as Self-Defense

Self-Talk as  Self-Defense

Self-talk as  self-defense is a common way we use the habit of talking to ourselves. I’ve had clients work on their inner-talk by paying attention and writing in their journals only to discover they feel more anxiety, more discomfort.


You may be using self-talk as a kind of self-soothing. The world around you may be too harsh, or perhaps you haven’t developed a particular skill to make your way in your world.

You will always have your guard up, protecting you from this environment.

Life goes on within you and without you. The environment may never change and only you can change your response to it.

It isn’t trivial to protect yourself. This may be the very best you could do when you were young. Once we’re grown-ups, re-evaluating our survival techniques is important.

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