Self Hypnosis Techniques

All hypnosis is self hypnosis.  Learning specific techniques is fun and having more than one way to self-hypnotize in your toolbox is helpful.  In a prior post I taught the ‘Colored Feather Technique’.

To begin, be reminded that you can visualize anything by saying to yourself, ‘don’t picture an elephant and don’t picture the moon’. See them?

Next, you must have a strong feeling about your outcome, something you really want, and then, set aside 10-15 minutes and be in a quiet place.

Get yourself into a comfortable position, feet squarely on the floor, body aligned and take in 3 nice, deep breaths. Hold each for a count of 4 and exhale to your count of 8. Breathe in relaxation, breathe out tension. Now, do this:

  • Imagine a staircase by recalling one that you’ve seen, or enjoy using your imagination and create one where the details are clear.
  • Start walking down the stairway, noticing the handrail, your feet on the step, and begin counting down from 10, down to 9, saying to yourself that you feel more and more relaxed with every step down, then to 8…again looking at your feet stepping down to 7 and continue down to 6 then 5 and notice that at the bottom of the stairway is a beautiful and inviting room. It can be a cabana, or a studio…let your unconscious mind guide you toward seeing this structure, down to 4 and 3, 2, and now 1, you’re at the bottom of the stairway. You feel very relaxed.
  • Enter the room you’ve created and notice that you feel at peace and know that having entered this room, you’ve created a positive experience that supports your initial desire, your goal.
  • By being here, you can let your desire go, just let it go. The results will be favorable.
  • You return back up the stairway, counting to yourself all the way up to the top and on the topmost step you feel alert, awake and focused.

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