Self Hypnosis Practice: The I Am Statement

Self Hypnosis Practice: The I Am Statement

Before you relax and use this technique, you must have an outcome in mind. It’s essential that you feel strongly about your desire for change no matter what you choose.

Set aside 10-15 minutes and find a quiet place. Use either of the relaxation techniques you’ve learned from the last 2 posts. Be conscious of your breath.

Once you feel relaxed:

  • Look up at a corner of the ceiling above you. Focus on this corner, on this one point, bring ing all your attention to it, noticing everything about it.
  • Notice that while you’re still focused on that point and feeling relaxed, you can become aware of your peripheral vision, that you can
  • Look at the point of focus and at the same time see everything to your far left and far right.
  • You’re even able to expand your awareness to the space behind you, and above you. Do this slowly 
  • Notice even the space below you, so that you become aware of feeling suspended in space.
  • Your chair sits firmly on the ground, but you are aware of being just a part of the whole picture.
  • Use all of your peripheral vision, your de-focused vision. You are starting to shift your breathing so that you are in a relaxed state that will allow you to find your resources, and help you achieve whatever you want. As you maintain  your awareness of feeling suspended, you can let your eyes close. They may close naturally, but it’s fine if they don’t.
  • The point is to continue to feel your expanding awareness. By feeling this expansiveness while continuing to be conscious of your breath, you are conditioning your nervous system to be relaxed, yet alert.
  • Now continue by saying the words “I am.” You will find a rhythm by connecting your breathing with these two words: I…Am.

I learned this technique from John Overdurf. He wrote it in 1995…More tomorrow…

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