Remembering the Past

Be More Childlike

Clients can become stuck by spending too much time remembering their past. It’s not really different from spending too much time dreaming about the future.

Both keep you from living now.


Remembering the past can be useful. It can give you a sense of belonging, among other things.

However, a good way to begin to distance yourself from constantly thinking about it and feeling nostalgia for it  is to write down, it doesn’t matter where or how, the memory.

It’s helpful to notice what makes you feel nostalgia. Think about it right now as you read this, what makes you nostalgic?

Once you have enough information about what you’re remembering, you can begin to enjoy it and put it behind you.

All those memories are part of your life, but you can’t create many new memories if you’re back there, using all your energy and your heart remembering.

Hypnosis can help. You may become aware of your patterns.

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