Prepare Yourself for Your Self-Hypnosis Practice

Prepare Yourself for Your Self-Hypnosis Practice: Use this slow relaxation technique to prepare yourself:

Relaxation is essential to learning self-hypnosis and achieving the inner strength you desire. I recommend that you settle into a very comfortable position for this technique.                                                                                                                          

You can read through it once and then again as you put yourself into a more receptive state of mind.  

You will want to learn this technique. Repetition is your friend here. Repeating the technique is the way to remember it with the goal toward being able to use it whenever you like.

Try this when you’re comfortable and let your eyes close…

  • Imagine a gorgeous orange light just above your head and then let the light warm your scalp and slowly move across it in every direction, then down toward your ears.
  • Feel your scalp relax as the light moves downward and notice how it relaxes your forehead, allowing your eyebrows to drop,feeling the warmth around your ears,
  • Moving the orange light down, now, around your eyes, relaxing all the little muscles around your eyes.
  • Now, bring the light down around your cheeks, feeling them relax…and to the back of your neck…moving toward your shoulders.
  • Feel the orange light relax your jaw, let your mouth open slightly, be sure your tongue is sitting on the floor of your mouth, simply relaxing there, quieting your mind…helping to stop the mind chatter.
  • Move the light down around your shoulders, feel them relax, drop and then feel the chest muscles relax, the arms…
  • And now you can continue on your own. Visualize!
  • Be as detailed as you can, slowly bringing the light all the way through your body…
  • Let it move all the way to the tips of your toes, exit through your toes, and
  • Feel the warmth surround you, creating a soft, orange glow around your whole body.

Enjoy yourself. You’ll return to real life when you’re ready!

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