How to Stop Feeling Afraid of New People

Stop Being Afraid

How to Stop Feeling Afraid of New People

Clients come to me for help with what they think is a phobia of new people.

Most of the clients who come to me don’t really have a phobia, it’s a problem of never having learned how to enjoy meeting people. This may have started when they were children.

NLP offers a technique that is helpful and effective.

Try this:

  1. Make yourself comfortable and breathe in and out in a relaxed way.
  2. Think of a recent time you met with or even ran into a good friend.
  3. Now recall how you felt when you saw them and while you were interacting.
  4. Notice the relaxed feelings you had. Locate a place in your body where you felt good about this.
  5. Recall the relaxed body language of your friend. Pay special attention to how their face looked to you.
  6. Note the brightness in their eyes, the lack of tension in the face.
  7. Is there a special color associated with this?
  8. You can use the experience with the good friend by noting the specifics of it and putting those qualities onto the new person.
  9. Place the bright eyes, relaxed and comfortable face and the body language you noted onto the new person.
  10. You will have to ignore the usual gut reaction you have as you meet this new person and apply this new technique.
  11. You could measure your anxiety before meeting them on a scale of 0-10 and measure again after the meeting.
  12. Remember you do have control over your feelings.

Practice makes it possible for you to stop being afraid of meeting new people.

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