Changing Your Habits by Being in Control of Your Brain

Changing Habits

Changing Your Habits by Being in Control of Your Brain

Neuroscience tells us that if you change just one small part of a bad habit by being in control of your brain, you will begin to create a new pathway. Every time you change a part of the habit, the pathway becomes more defined.


When clients come to me wanting to be rid of a problem habit, I tell them about the current science regarding the brain and how it’s a fact that changes can be made to the brain.

Try this:

  1. Breathe in and out slowly, being aware of the breath.
  2. Get yourself into a relaxed position.
  3. Consider the habit you want to change.
  4. Pay close attention to the details.
  5. Choose just one aspect of the habit to change. Small steps are the way to succeed and build this new pathway.
  6. If you write down the details of the habit and the small part you’ll change, you’ll benefit even more.
  7. Eventually you will have diminished the pathway where the problem habit resided and created a new pathway for the new improved habit.

Self-hypnosis is great for this.

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