Learning to Control Your Attention

Control Your Attention

Learning to Control Your Attention

Learning to control your attention means becoming more able to place your attention where you want it.

Clients always enjoy becoming better at controling their attention and keeping it where they want it. They like being able to remove their attention from unproductive distractions or unresourceful habits they may have learned over time.

You can literally change your brain by doing mindful work toward increasing this ability. This is good news as it indicates a permanent change for the better.

Mindfulness meditation as well as self-hypnosis are both helpful toward learning more about your ability to control your attention. This control is essential to personal growth.

Try this:

  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly, paying attention to the breath.
  2. The  idea is to pay attention to the breath, not breathing in and out with ‘what’s for supper’ on your mind. This is about learning how to control your attention. Breathing is basic to a good practice.
  3. Look up toward the ceiling and take a few more breaths.
  4. While looking upward, not straight up at the ceiling, consider in what situation you would like to be able to better control your attention.
  5. Spend time thinking about this in a gentle way.
  6. Once you have a clear idea of this, let it go and trust that the unconscious mind will have absorbed your intentions.
  7. Continue to relax, paying attention to the breath, in and out.

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