Understanding our Relationship to Time


Understanding our Relationship to Time

Clients often complain about the feeling that their lives are slipping away. They feel they are losing time and can’t understand why with each year, time feels like it moves faster.

I remind them that to a five year old, one year is a fifth of her life lived so far and seems to be never ending.

To a sixty year old, a year is one sixtieth of her life lived so far and therefore feels shorter than that of the five year old.

It is true that all those experiences accumulated along the way; lovers, friends, interests as well as concepts, self-awareness, philosophies tried and discarded and the loss and gain of things, become your bundle that represents ‘time’.

The help for slowing down time is to become mindful of each day, using the approach of paying attention to the details of whatever you’re doing to stretch time and begin to prove to yourself that there are 24 hours to each day from birth to death.

Self-hypnosis can help with this.

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