How to Move Toward Your Path instead of Away From Problems

Moving Toward Your Path

How to Move Toward Your Path instead of Away From Problems

The concept of being able to move toward something, a challenge or problem, is always good to keep in mind. The opposite, of course, is to move away from the problems and challenges that arise in life.

From a mindful point of view, learning to look at life with the mindful approach of paying attention to the details and being open to the unknown, you gain valuable strength and resilience.

Studies show that mindful training causes a shift in the brain allowing you to move toward your life in its fullness rather than away from the fullness. In this case the fullness represents complexity. Being resilient with your life is essential to diving in and taking advantage of everything that comes your way.

When clients come to me with a feeling of being stuck, they are often struggling with this very concept. Showing them the ‘go toward’ rather than ‘move away’ ideas,  helps them loosen up their concept of who they are in relation to whatever their stuck in .

Another good use of this is to include it as one of your rules when considering
an important decision. You can feel when you’re moving toward something that you really want to do and also feel it when you want to get away from something you don’t want to do. You will be relying a little on your gut feeling
but it’s a helpful way to get out of feeling stuck.

Mindfulness meditation and self-hypnosis can help build resilience!

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