Life Coach Portland, Oregon: Best to Focus on the Path More Than the Goal

Path and Goal

Best to Focus on the Path More Than the Goal

Were you lucky enough to have spent a childhood where you were encouraged to enjoy the path more than the goal?

Of course we all need to know where we’re headed, but enjoying the path, being taught and encouraged to enjoy the process, is a positive set-up for a life filled with curiosity and mindfulness.

Many children are taught as early as Kindergarten to be competitive and to be more interested in the goal than the path. Teaching kids to be only goal-oriented creates anxiety and behavior that is dominated by success and failure, either and or.

When taught to enjoy the path, to be rewarded for following the path, kids learn to explore, be curious and expect the unexpected.

You can undo the urge to put the goal first by considering events and circumstances that surround them and truly looking at your motives and behavior.

Learning to love the process will fill your life with enjoyment like you’ve never known.


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