Life Coach Portland, Oregon: Does Life Feel Limited or Limitless?

Feel limitless or limited?

Does Life Feel Limited or Limitless?

Do you sometimes feel limited or limitless in your daily life? Of course the ideal is to feel  limitless, but if you lead an active life you may find the roadblocks hold you back and you are limited.

It’s helpful to identify where the limited aspects of your life are influenced by the world you’ve created around you. I’m assuming you realize that we create our own reality.

Consider the idea that those limited feelings may come from the part of your life where you’re living in someone else’s reality?

What? You say! Well, there may be rules made long ago that you feel compelled to abide by. Do you really need to be part of this? Think about what’s important to you.

When you let go of narrow thinking or confining categories,you begin to loosen up the vision of your life. You do have a choice as long as you remain unattached enough to let things go.

Can you think of where in your life you’ve created limits because you haven’t looked carefully to understand what you really want?

Enjoy loosening your boundaries!

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