Life Coach Portland, Oregon: Your Response to Things: What’s the Context?

What’s the Context?

Your Response to Things: What’s the Context?

When a client comes to me with a concern over not being focused enough, I’ll ask them some questions to understand their unique situation. Often the context has more to do with their issue than their behavior.

When you feel like you can’t depend on your response to things, can’t count on yourself to be focused, it’s a good idea to review exactly when and where this has occurred.

You probably are focused and responsive in many situations. Take some time to think about those situations where you’ve been successful.

Try this:

  1. Breathe easily, paying attention to the breath while getting yourself into a comfortable position.
  2. Take out your notebook and write down those times, places, and general situation where you’ve been focused and able to be responsive.
  3. Take a few moments and think more about the context. Allow your thinking to become very detailed.
  4. Pay attention to the way you felt, who was there, was it bright or dark around you? Whatever you think of, write it down.
  5. You may find that you were very relaxed during these times.
  6. A first step toward improving your focus is to identify the feeling of relaxation in your stories. You can use those feelings in the future.


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