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Change Yourself

 Change Yourself Instead of Trying to Change the World

When clients want to make a change, we look at their perceptions, values and many other qualities that make up a life.

You can help make a change in your life, change yourself,  by asking how you create the various experiences in your life.

You will be able to look at the process of your behavior. You’ll be able to see how you build the scenario that holds your story.

If you ask why, you’ll relive the story and its contents but you can’t really change this.

Changing yourself to live more easily in your world can be accomplished by paying attention to the details of how you create your world.

Breaking down your understanding of how you create your world into small parts will give you a chance to choose which parts to change.

This process avoids making you feel overwhelmed or discouraged.

After all, you may be happy with most of your perceptions.

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