Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching: How You Perceive Your World

How You Perceive

How You Perceive Your World

When clients come to me for help with their lack of focus or feeling stuck, I usually ask questions to understand how they perceive their world.

In order for you to make changes in your life you need to understand the filters you use and the models of the world that you use in your daily life.

You will want to know if you are relying on information that you hear or information that you see. You may also rely on how you feel about things.

Try this:

  1. Breathe easily and relax in a comfortable position.
  2. At the end of the day, consider the day from beginning to end and notice how you are perceiving it.
  3. Do this slowly, don’t hurry through it, you might miss something.
  4. Are you seeing the day? Hearing some of the conversations you had? Are you getting a visceral reaction as you recall the day?
  5. You may have a mixture of these things, but there will be one that dominates.
  6. Understanding yourself by becoming aware of these preferences is the beginning of being able to change your behavior, habits or other qualities.
  7. Repeat this exercise for a few days and make note of the consistency of how you perceive.


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