Life Coach Portland, OR: How to Increase Enjoyment at Work

Increase Your EnjoymentHow to Increase Enjoyment at Work

When you first begin to work at your new job, you have lots to learn and plenty of enthusiasm. I know I’m making an assumption here, but let’s just say this is the way most of us feel when we are at a place of ‘fresh start’.

Once you’ve been doing your job for awhile, maybe a few years, you begin to feel a sense of drudgery set in. This is the stage when I will hear from clients: they are unhappy and not sure how to regain enthusiasm or they’re thinking about changing jobs.

Being a serial ‘new experience’ seeker is a quality that may be used in a different way. Identifying the feelings of ‘new experience” and using them for increased enjoyment at work can be helpful.

Try this:

  1. Pay attention to the details of what you like when you begin something new.
  2. Write these down. If you’re going to truly make a change that will bring you greater satisfaction and increase your enjoyment, you have to put the effort and time in.
  3. How do you know you like these details? Ask yourself what the specific feelings are when you experience the newness.
  4. The feelings should be written down in as much detail as possible. This is how you’ll learn more about yourself.
  5. Consider how you can have these feelings by committing to paying attention to small details. The same old job can be made to feel just fine when you understand it’s usually about you, not the job.

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