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6 Ways to Improve Your Memory

Improve Your Memory

Clients come to me for  help with their memories. There are some traditional methods to help with memorization and I explain those to them.

More often they want to recall whole concepts and events more vividly rather than being able to improve rote memory.



Try this:

  1. Breathe in to the count of 6, hold for 6, exhale to 12.
  2. Repeat 3 times. Now that you’re relaxed, be sure you’re comfortable.
  3. Select a short piece of information from the newspaper, magazine or book that you can use for this exercise.
  4. Read it through once and choose 4 specific aspects of the story that are interesting to you.
  5. Read it through again and consider only these 4 aspects from a different perspective such as choosing a different attitude or voice for the narrator or an alternate ending to the piece.
  6. Read it through again with yet another perspective of those same aspects.

By learning to use different perspectives, you’ll begin to notice that you feel more alert and that your memory is better.

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