Portland Oregon Life Coach: More on Intentions

Portland, Oregon Life Coach: More on Intentions

Beyond the simple idea that you’ll eat cake if you focus on not eating it, is the scientifically proven fact that not only can our intentions influence our unconscious but they can also be felt by other living things.

 What? You say.

Lynne McTaggart, an author who will be in Portland, OR next month, tells the story of a curious scientist who places lie detector sensors on the leaf of his indoor rubber tree plant. He wants to see if and when there will be any electrical evidence of activity noticed by the detector, as he waters the plant. Will the plant respond when the water is sensed by the leaf or by the base of the plant?

But wait! Before he even gives it water (and as he’s simply thinking of the experiment), the reading of his intention to water the plant shows up on the detector. The plant responded to his intentions. Did it feel stress? Anticipation?

A number of his science buddies set about refuting the story but by conducting similar experiments, they all had the same results.

 What, then, is intention?

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