Portland Oregon Hypnosis: What is Inner Strength? What you need to know about inner strength

Portland Oregon Hypnosis: What is Inner Strength

               What you need to know about Inner Strength

Inner strength is a quality of core strength, the essential ingredient of self confidence and self esteem. Of course there are other qualities of core strength, but for now consider the following…

In my work I watch and hear my clients struggle with their feelings of insecurity, low self-esteem, muddled thinking or confusion and lack of balance with their values and behavior.

By becoming aware of their authentic inner voice, they begin to build a foundation of their own true strength and self confidence using self-hypnosis.

Learning and developing a habit of self-hypnosis can help you build these qualities of inner strength:

  • Build confidence and strength from the inside, not needing the approval of others to help you feel strong.
  • Feel an authentic sense of assertiveness. Be comfortable and confident expressing your own point of view in conversations and be more objective when there is controversy.
  • Enjoy yourself and be comfortable in social situations with family, friends or strangers.
  • Feel a deep sense of comfort and peace.

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