Portland Hypnotherapist:Hypnosis or Meditation?

Portland Hypnotherapist: Hypnosis or Meditation?

When a client makes their first call to me, usually an exploratory call, I find it helpful to describe the difference between hypnosis and meditation.

  • The objective of meditation is usually to have no thoughts. Of course there are many types of meditation; I’m talking about mindfulness meditation.
  • Generally, the goal of this technique encourages the focus gained by practicing the art of paying attention to your breath and of letting images, thoughts and anxieties go, by naming them and having them pass by so that you return to no-thought.
  • With hypnosis, we practice relaxation and pay attention to the breath  just as we do with meditation, but unlike meditation you want to engage a thought, feeling or incident in order to make changes or improve a situation.
  • I suggest using both.
  • Meditate (toward focus) before using self-hypnosis and you’ll have a deeper and more effective experience.   

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