Portland Hypnosis: How to Know if You’re in a Trance

Portland Hypnosis: How to Know if You’re in a Trance

I see individual clients for hypnotherapy here in Portland, OR, and it’s often lots of fun to witness people realize and wake-up from the trance they live in daily. I have a light-hearted, non-judgmental attitude while witnessing and helping them wake-up. See if you can relate to anything on this list:

  • You arrive at the grocery store wondering how you got there, having driven the 5 miles from home.
  • You attend a lecture, behave as if you’re listening, and suddenly realize you don’t know what was said. This might make you anxious.
  • You try to focus on the work at hand, but your mind drifts to last weekend when you were walking on the beach at sunset. This might make you feel the stress of impatience with yourself.
  • You’re having a conversation with a friend and suddenly you realize you haven’t heard a word they’re saying. Something they said triggered you to recall something else and you went into a trance. This might make you feel embarrassed.
  • We all live in a trance daily and come out of it when someone or something wakes us!

 You can make a choice!

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