Are You Lazy or Just Tired? There is an Answer

Lazy or Tired?

Lazy or Tired?

Are You Lazy or Just Tired?

When a client comes to me with issues over not being able to accomplish what she wants, I ask her: Are you lazy or just tired? She laughs and the conversation begins.


You can wear yourself out trying to stay in control of your life, your day or your work. Having self control last for the whole day is a daunting task and often results in extreme fatigue and things being left undone.

The cycle begins anew each day when you frame your life with the idea that you must have self-control to accomplish everything.

You will help yourself by gaining clarity over how you want to feel about your life. How you feel can be enticed by recalling the way you felt when you were happy as a child.  You didn’t need self control to feel happiness.

Feel the joy of yourself as a child and practice using the feeling it throughout your day. It won’t be easy at first, but eventually you’ll have energy to
spare at the end of the day.

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