NLP Portland Oregon: Your Reality?

NLP Portland Oregon: Your Reality?

I often talk about how we all spend some amount of time every day in a trance. What you’re doing while in that trance state can give you some valuable information about how you see the world.

In NLP terms, we’d call that information ‘your map of the world’. How you ‘frame’ your world, how you perceive it. But more importantly, the ‘map is not the territory’ is basic to NLP, meaning that your map isn’t the only truth because everyone experiences the world differently.
You have a different sense of reality than I do. This is probably a good thing as long as your map is the most useful one possible for you right now. And mine for me.

Just because you once believed in the tooth fairy doesn’t make it an abiding truth.

                            You can see how the territory of your map can change.

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