NLP Portland, Oregon: What is NLP? Finding the Excellence


 NLP Portland, Oregon: What is NLP? Finding the Excellence

NLP works by modelling excellence in all areas of our lives.

It’s truly amazing how many ways you can recognize excellence in another and then model their excellence.

You have to learn how to pay close attention to detail. You must seek-out those people who are excellent at whatever you’re interested in.

Find people you admire and study how they do what they do so well. What is it that prepares them to do it well? Can you tell what motivates them?

NLP says that if one person can do something it is learnable.

You have to be able to break down behavior, results etc. into small
parts. By learning to do this, you enhance your ability to accomplish other things.

We unconsciously model others. Why not choose someone to model
and feel the benefit of your choice?

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