NLP Portland, Oregon: Parts Theory

NLP Portland, Oregon: Parts Theory 

Here is a brief description of the ‘parts’ originators. I’m quoting from several sources…

The notion of parts was initially used by Virgina Satir in 1972, to describe different aspects of one’s self. She created a process called a ‘parts party’ in which various people would play or represent parts of another individual.

For instance, if a person reported wanting to do something and having a part that objected, two people would play or represent these parts. This allowed the person who was experiencing inner conflict to become an observer to their own incongruence and learn new insight.

The notion of parts also has roots in Gestalt therapy and Fritz Perls. Perls would often have people externalize their parts by placing them into empty chairs and having them converse with them.

So, place that part of yourself that you’ve been arguing with into the chair across from you and pretend you are both parts. Have a conversation, aloud.

I guarantee you’ll learn something about yourself.

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