NLP Portland, Oregon: Modeling Excellence: Details

NLP Portland, Oregon: Modeling Excellence: Details

It’s important to pay attention to every little detail when you’re studying someone to model them. We can actually learn to be more like someone we admire by becoming excellent observers.

Identify someone you’d like to model. Try this:

  • Jot down everything you think you know about this person.
  • Once you have this list, put it aside.
  • Make an outline of what you’ll be studying.
  • Have the outline include:
  1. How they hold themselves.
  2. How do they speak?
  3. How do they listen?
  4. How do they dress?
  5. How do they move they’re body?
  6. What do they laugh about?
  7. Do they make others laugh…

Now it’s your turn to notice more things about this person and pay attention. Be able to duplicate everything…

Enjoy yourself!

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