NLP Portland, Oregon: How to Increase Your Feeling of Uncertainty

NLP Portland, Oregon: How to Increase Your Feeling of Uncertainty

When clients come to my office, they often want to feel less anxious. As they begin to talk about how this feeling of anxiety manifests in their lives, it becomes obvious that they simply want to feel like they’re in control of their lives. They want to feel confident instead of anxious. They have trouble making decisions and focusing.

Helping them learn to increase their feeling of uncertainty can help them dig a little deeper and recognize anxiety as stress, or notice they’re feeling a lower level of confidence than usual…

Yes, uncertainty.

I’m not sure if absolute certainty exists, but when you feel certain about values in your life, you are providing clues to your beliefs, both useful and limiting .

Consider this:

  • Are you sure enough to be unsure? ( Richard Bandler)
  • Pay attention to your self-talk, is it negative?
  • Do you predict failure or success for your activities?
  • Ask yourself, when you feel certain about something, if you are sure? Next ask yourself if you’re willing to be unsure?

Feelings of uncertainty( excluding decision making) can give you some wiggle room so that you can find your confidence and reduce your stress and anxiety.

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