NLP Portland, Oregon: How to Increase Creativity

NLP Portland, Oregon: How to Increase Creativity

Continuing with the theme of controlling your emotions, learning to be more creative on a daily basis is helpful.

I don’t mean you need to learn to be an artist or musician or even a dancer…but you do need to include some aspect of art, perhaps appreciation of someone’s work, music or dance.

Waking up to the idea of creativity as a part of your life will bring you joy.

  • Notice what your mind is doing; is there a song rolling around in your head while you go about your day?
  • Notice rich colors in the environment around you, or in the sky or elsewhere?
  • Pay attention to the hopeful thoughts you have about a fun time in the future…this is creativity.
  • What can you think of that’s a creative part of your day? Pay attention.
  • This will help you increase your creativity and in turn give you more control over you emotions.

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