NLP Portland, Oregon: How Else to Use How? Simple yet Useful Questioning

NLP Portland, Oregon: How Else to Use How? Simple yet Useful Questioning

You now understand that by asking the question ‘how’ you’ll better understand the path of your strategies and will have revealed some of the choices you make that create the condition you’d like to change.

Ask :

  • How did I feel just before I became embarrassed (for example)?
  • How did I feel the moment I became embarrassed?
  • What did I see?
  • What did I hear?
  • How much of my feelings had to do with the situation?
  • Who (or what) was the trigger and did they notice?
  • How would I be as a person if I were okay with feeling embarrassed?

Learning and then making a practice of using ‘how’ questions on your own will be helpful toward improving your strategies and outcomes.

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