NLP Portland Oregon: How Did Your Values Develop?

 NLP Portland Oregon: How Did Your Values Develop?

Research says there is a period of time from birth to about 7 years old when we’re learning, on an unconscious level, from our primary care-givers. We don’t question anything during this time. It’s one long trance where we just soak up all the possibilities around us.

Then, around the age of 10, we start making real choices about what we want to pay attention to. We are still influenced by others unconsciously, but usually from our peer group, not our parents. Development of important values are formed at this time.

Humans grow up slowly. From the teen years until about age 21, we experiment with life and learn more values that influence the type of relationships we develop. By this time, we can visualize with more accuracy.

However, some dreams that are developed at a young age can become a blueprint for adult life.

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