NLP Portland Oregon: Find Your Resourceful States

 NLP Portland Oregon: Find Your Resourceful States

You can create solid, resourceful anchors by trying the following technique:

  • Become focused and clear about the positive state you would like.
    This is a highly individual task.
  • You might want to be more confident while I might want to have more energy.
  • You might also want to feel more motivated.
  • You simply have to decide precisely what you want and be able to state it.
  • Write it down.

Use one of the memories from your past, when you felt the way you now wish to be. 

The memory will be in a different context, but you can use it.

  • You want to relive this memory and feel everything about it that you
  • See it, hear whatever sounds might be associated, the odors or fragrances.
  • Pay attention to where you feel it in your body…

When you are most intensely re-living this memory, anchor it: 

  • Clench your fist. This creates an anchor.
  • Release you clench, pay attention to the memory and clench again.
  • Repeat and rinse.

                            When you want more confidence, try clenching your fist.

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