NLP Portland, Oregon: Control Your Emotions, Control Your Life

NLP Portland, Oregon: Control Your Emotions
Control Your Emotions, Control Your Life

Fundamental to self-help is learning to control your emotions. Being objective over both negative and positive stimuli is helpful.

What? You say.

Being objective toward positive stimuli will give you the opportunity to feel appreciation, but not take away your personal strength.

We don’t want to be flattered or lulled into complacency, do we?

Like any new technique, learning to control your emotions takes practice. You’ll need to be committed to making changes regarding your response to the many types of stimulation in your life.

We know that the only thing we can change is our own response. Yes, you can shy away from the source of discomfort or pain, and you can avoid people and situations that cause you discomfort, but the real growth is in learning control.

Learn it so that it’s second nature.

But, you must want to change.

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