NLP Portland, OR: Are You Limiting Yourself?

NLP Portland, OR: Are You Limiting Yourself?

NLP is helpful in getting rid of limiting beliefs. You can think about what you’re limiting by being aware of the first idea that popped into your head when you considered the concept of ‘limiting beliefs’.

Take that idea and ask yourself these questions to challenge your beliefs:

  • What do I believe or assume is limiting my progress or achievement? You have to ask yourself this question at least twice to get to the heart of it. You might say: ’I’m too scattered’.
  • Ask: ‘What would I believe that is a positive difference, or opposite and more empowering and energizing  statement than “I’m too scattered”‘? Again, you have to challenge yourself to come up with an answer and then repeat the question. Don’t slide on this. Repetition is important for change.
  • You might say: ‘When I focus, I do a great job’ .
  • What ideas toward action do I now have, knowing that I truly can focus?

                       Use your visualization!  There are no limits.


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