Name it and Let it Go

Letting Go


When you feel your mind is chattering and distracting you, it can be helpful to try the following method:


Try this:

  1. Get into a comfortable sitting position. You don’t have to sit on a hard chair or in any particular position, but you don’t want to be reclining. Reclining may cause you to fall asleep. Falling asleep is great if that’s your goal.
  2. Once you’re settled, begin to breathe in and out in a relaxed way.
  3. You’ll want to pay more attention to your exhale than your inhale. Following the exhale without forcing it is best.
  4. Begin to notice the rhythm of your breathing and are then able to follow the exhale; you can feel more relaxed.
  5. As you relax, notice the tangle of thoughts and images rushing through your mind. Monkey mind.
  6. The trick is to not resist these thoughts and images but to name them.
  7. Easiest is to name them ‘thinking’ and return to noticing your breath.
  8. Mindful attention to your breath along with labeling the thoughts will help you let go.

Just let go.

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