Start from a Place of Self-Acceptance


Start from a Place of Self-Acceptance

One of the best feelings I can have in my work  is when a client makes their change and accepts who they are.

My values include thinking it is of utmost importance for others to feel good about themselves.


When you look at life  through the positive filter of self-acceptance, the world is your oyster.

Self-Hypnosis is helpful toward learning self-acceptance. You have to first become clear about what self-acceptance means to you and then start embracing those parts of you that are serving you well.

Let your self-talk include saying ‘good job’ when you accomplish a task. Notice when you’ve pushed yourself to the edge and grown.

Begin by being proud and compliment yourself for the little things you do, just as you would treat a child.

You accomplish self-acceptance by embracing the child in you.

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