Preparing to Be Fearless?


Preparing to Be Fearless?

When clients come to me with a problem of feeling
fearful about the future, we work on several areas of thinking and behavior.


Discovering how you manifest fear throughout the day is helpful. It’s not easy to face your fears so it’s important to have a comfortable place to go mentally as you embark on this task.

  1. Think of a time and place where you felt completely safe.
  2. Remind yourself of the colors, fragrances, sounds of this place or experience and then touch your thumb to your middle finger, anchoring the sensations for easy access.
  3. Once you’ve worked on unearthing the fearful actions and included the safety of your comfort anchor, you are ready to prepare to be fearless.

Recognizing fear, ask yourself:

’ How would I prefer to be right now’ and see what answers you come up with. Eventually you’ll want to approach each fearful habit and revise your response and behavior at the gut level and thereafter be fearless.

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