Life Coach Portland Oregon:Sharing Interests

Sharing Interests

Life Coach Portland Oregon: Sharing Interests

I have a good friend who keeps a list of interests,  things she wants to do and see here in Portland, Oregon. She is fairly new to the city and when she moved into her new home, she spent a few days researching her areas of interest and what Portland has to offer.

She knows the names of the major architects who created the city. She’ll go look at a building downtown that you might have passed a hundred times without noticing it as an excellent example of a particular architect’s work.

She knows where all the little nooks and crannies are located, holding used books, fine spices or good fabric for her art projects.

She uses her daily trances, without calling them that, to dream up new activities and she’s never at a loss for things to do.

We can all learn from her process. She brings joy to others by sharing her list, inviting you along and appreciating the immediate world around her.


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