Life Coach Portland, Oregon: How to Have an Attitude of Expectation

Attitude of Expecting

How to Have an Attitude of Expectation

Clients come to me with feelings of hopelessness and depression. I ask them questions that help them understand where they stand on the idea of maintaining an attitude of expectation.

You can use this  simple techniques to keep a positive approach to your attitude.


Try this:

  1. Breathe easily, paying attention to the even flow of air and the rhythm of your heartbeat.
  2. Notice when you’re feeling comfortable and relaxed.
  3. Recall a time when you felt engaged and successful.
  4. Note the details of this experience; colors, brightness, sunny, cloudy and note where in your body you feel good about this recollection.\
  5. Once you’ve located it in your body, you can refer to that sensation and location again and again to create a sense of control over your attitude. Notice how it represents your experience.
  6. As you approach something new, recall the sensation you had with your positive memory.
  7. Feel this sensation as intensely as you’re able and use it when you are approaching something new.
  8. Understand that having an attitude of positive expectation will influence your experiences. You’ll be more open and able to discern the value of your possibilities.

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