Life Coach Portland, Oregon : Develop Better Habits


Develop Better Habits

Life Coach Portland, Oregon : Develop Better Habits

How do you develop better habits? Or, how about just developing a habit of exercising every day? You probably brush your hair and teeth everyday. How do you think you developed those habits?

There was a time when you had to focus and put all your attention on which shoe went on the left foot and which on the right…

The state of mind toward developing any new habit is determination. If you used the same focus toward developing an exercise routine right now, as you did learning to brush your teeth every day (hopefully more than once a day) when you were a child, you’d succeed.

You have proof of your ability to use determination. You didn’t quit when you learned to walk or talk. You fell down, you got up again. You were determined.

Fully consider the determination you have within you.


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