Fearing the Opinions of Others

Fearing Opinions

Fearing the Opinions of Others

You can help yourself learn to be more expressive by realizing that the opinions of others are not objective.

While you are in a good trance of working on something creative, it’s helpful to be without an expectation for the end result.

If others voice a negative opinion of your project, understanding that they have no idea what you’re attempting is a start toward eliminating the fear you might have resulting from their response or opinion.

We tend to treat the opinion of others as if they somehow knew more than we do about our work when in fact, they know nothing.

Even if they’re experts in the ‘field’…they can’t possibly know the subtlety of your intention and execution.

You will go far by training yourself to listen to your inner evaluation and ignoring the outer.

Self-hypnosis can help you learn to be fearless.

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